Fresh Ideas


• No new taxes
• Less Government Control
• Supporting businesses by providing growth opportunities
• Responsible spending
• Pro Conceal and Carry
• Improve Employment Opportunities

Charlie believes in FISCAL RESPONIBILITY. When you have a bad year on the farm or in your business, you don't go out and spend more money. You figure out what you need to cut, where you can improve your income and how you are going to balance your budget to make your payments for the next year. This is what we need in Springfield, someone who knows how to balance the checking account, to make the tough decisions on where we need to cut back and to focus on stopping corruption and waste in Illinois.

Charlie knows we can run Illinois with NO NEW TAXES. He has served on the Washington County Board for the last 5 years. One major project going on is the building of a new Judicial Building and preserving the historic Court House. Due to the abilities of Charlie and the board the judicial building will be built with NO TAX INCREASES. This is what we need in Springfield, someone who will not raise your taxes, but continue to move forward on improvements.

Charlie also believes we need to EXPAND LOCAL EMPLOYMENT. As a member of the Washington County Board, Charlie worked to bring Prairie State Energy Campus to the Region. This company has brought over 4,000 construction jobs and 500 permanent mine and power plant jobs. Also they are currently negotiating to build a 2.5 billion dollar coal gasification plant. This plant will also have many construction jobs and over 350 permanent employees. This is what we need in Springfield, someone who knows that we need to keep our current businesses in Southern Illinois and to bring new opportunities.

Charlie believes we can work to SAVE ILLINOIS JOBS. He serves on the BCMW Social Services board. This board serves Bond, Clinton, Marion and Washington Co. They support such things as senior services and head start programs. Just last year Charlie lead a 10% cut in the BCMW Head Start budget without laying off anyone. This is what we need in Springfield, someone fighting for you and your jobs.

Charlie knows we need to LESS GOVERNMENT CONTROL. Charlie is working on his second subdivision to the Village of Okawville. This project will bring more construction jobs and income to the community. Charlie knows what it's like to deal with the state and government regulations. He has dealt with the issues of waiting 3 to 6 months for permits and continually changing regulations. It seems all government employees have their own interpretation of what the laws mean. Doing business is not easy in Illinois. This is what we need in Springfield, someone who will decrease government regulation.

Charlie and his family have been PRO CONCEAL AND CARRY since his 7th Great Grandfather fought in the French Indian War. This grandfather was shot twice with arrows. Charlie believes in your right to bear arms. Illinois is the only state where it is not legal to conceal and carry. Charlie is also against Rahm Emanual idea that Illinois residents should pay a $65.00 gun registration for every gun you own. This is what we need in Springfield, someone who will vote for conceal and carry and fight for your constructional rights.

If these are things you also believe in please vote for Charlie Meier on March 20th in the primary. We need you to pull a Republican Ballot and help Charlie Meier to win this election.